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Key Sustainability Projects


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Think Dirty App – Sustainability Strategy Development

Beauty and Personal Care Industry

  • Consulting: Developed a corporate sustainability strategy for Think Dirty through assessing consumer behaviour and personal care industry marketing trends, as well as BCorp execution plan.



Master's Thesis: Climate Change Resilience Strategy for the Tourism Industry in Dubai

  • Conducted a policy analysis to assess the adoption of 4 climate change resilience strategies pertaining to governance, environment, social, and economic resilience for the tourism industry in response to climate change.


Comparative Assessment of Life Cycle Analyses –
Organic and Conventional European Beef

Livestock Sector

  • Analysed available LCA literature for environmental impact considerations in organic and conventional European beef production systems. 

  • Identified enteric fermentation, land use efficiency, production system and carbon opportunity cost aspects within LCAs that define the ruminant supply chain.


Land Use Transitions in the Amazon: Is Global Beef Demand causing the Amazon's deforestation?

Livestock Sector

  • Investigated proximate and underlying causes including policy and institutional, demographic factors (emerging affluence), and economic factors (market growth and commercialisation) that telecouple to influence the Amazon's deforestation

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Governance in the Global Value Chain, Standards and Upgrading

Value Chain Analysis

  • Assessed global production and distribution networks for fresh fruit and vegetable, garment, and cut flower industries through GVC and GPN frameworks.

  • Analysed impacts of global standards on governance and actors within value chains, which include their influence on supplier upgrading, improved socioeconomic conditions, knowledge creation and improved labour conditions.


User Experience for Sustainability:
Loblaw Companies Ltd

Grocery Industry Sustainability Case Competition

  • Targeted issues in packaging reduction, recyclability and changing consumer behaviour

  • Developed a User Experience-based solution for the reduction of non-recyclable black plastic through market research on the consumer dilemma of convenience vs. sustainability.


Sustainability in the Canadian Energy Generation Industry –Comparative Analysis 

  • Assessing the Relationship between Primary Energy Production Mix and the Quality of CSR Reporting in the North American Electricity Utility Industry.

  • Used GRI and SASB to evaluate transparency, accountability, and credibility in sustainability reporting


CSR Strategies and Ecosystem Impact Analysis: Nespresso Coffee Industry

  • Management strategy and implementation analyses of Nespresso’s Creating Shared Value report.

  • Upstream and downstream analysis of Nespresso value chain impacts on ecosystem services.

  • Evaluated Nespresso’s circular economy practices as part of their carbon reduction strategy.

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